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4th International Convention on Green Environment, Technology & Entrepreneurship through Innovation (ICGETEI-2024) is a major annual international group of conferences to bring together researchers, academicians, scientists, and industrialists working in the area of Green Environment, Technology, Entrepreneurship through Innovation to share and exchange their views and ideas on the various domains and subdomains along with its multidisciplinary areas.

The aim of the conference is to highlight the latest advances, problems, and challenges and to present the latest research results in the field of Green Environment, Technology, Entrepreneurship through Innovation with a link to scientific research and its practical implementation. ICGETEI 2024 especially encourages the young researchers at the beginning of their career to participate in this conference and invite them to present their work on this platform.

We at Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur, organize three conferences under the banner of ICGETEI namely Conference on Advanced Innovation Augmented with Intelligent Analytics (AIAIA), Conference on Transforming Business and Management for Sustainable Development (TBMSD), and Conference on Sustainable Development in Applied Science, Engineering, and Technology (SDASET).