International Convention

Green Environment, Technology &
Entrepreneurship through Innovation


August 09-11, 2023
Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

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Conference on
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (IET 2023)

Entrepreneurship and innovation management are essential for growth strategies in a world faced by technological disruption. Gartner defines innovation management as a business discipline that aims to drive a repeatable, sustainable innovation process or culture within an organization. Innovation management initiatives focus on disruptive or step changes that transform the business in some significant way.
Entrepreneurial management is the practice of giving the innovation inherent in entrepreneurship a more solid management structure. Many new entrepreneurs have ideas for businesses they want to start, or products they want to create, but don't know how to manage a small business effectively. However, managing a new venture and managing an existing company requires different methods and principles. Through entrepreneurial management, entities can manage a growing business without limiting the creativity or passion of a startup.
The goal of the conference is to investigate the emerging trends and innovations in business arena. The conference also aims to provide a platform to identify the factors growth and sustainability factors of various business models. The conference will also deliberate upon the dynamics of entrepreneurship in a global context, with specific reference to the emerging economies. It will prove instrumental in evaluating the effects and implications of innovation and entrepreneurship in a trans-disciplinary context that takes into account both historical evolution and geographic location.