2nd International Convention on

Green Environment, Technology & Entrepreneurship through Innovation


March 03-05 (Thursday-Saturday), 2022 (Hybrid Format)

Conference on
Advances in Intelligent Applications and Innovative Approach (AIAIA 2022)

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AIAIA 2022


AIAIA 2022 is the second "International Conference on Advances in Intelligent Applications and Innovative Approach" to be held on 3-5th March 2022, and to be organised by Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur. Technology has evolved with great speed in the last decade, resulting in the development of Expert Applications making life more effortless. Intelligent Systems are systems whose design, which is primarily based on computational approaches, is supplemented by operations and processing skills inspired by human reasoning and behaviour in some ways.

In most cases, intelligent systems must work in a context where non-linearities are the norm rather than a bothersome impact to be remedied. To ease man-machine interactions, Intelligent Systems must also incorporate modern sensing technology. Several algorithms are now commonplace in Intelligent Systems and innovative approach in different domain adds an element of more comprehensiveness.

Time to go for the event : 161d 12h 32m 13s