2nd International Convention on

Green Environment, Technology & Entrepreneurship through Innovation


March 03-05 (Thursday-Saturday), 2022 (Hybrid Format)

Conference on
Harnessing Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Sciences
(HIES 2022)


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Harnessing Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Sciences (HIES 2022)

The Science conference "Harnessing Innovations and Entrepreneurships in Sciences (HIES)" of second International Conference on Global Entrepreneurship Trends & Empowerment through Innovation (ICGETEI 2022) will be a tribute to the great innovations in science which changed the world entirely. New Innovations and Entrepreneurships in different domain of Science and Technology have geared up in the last decade, empowering science and technology in making life more effortless. Entrepreneurship is always an integral part of science and innovation. Here in this conference, we are inviting inventive minds to put forward their innovative ideas. This conference will provide a good platform to showcase ground-breaking and entrepreneurship ideas from across the globe.
The aim of HIES 2022 is to bring together experts from academia and industry, students, researchers and research scholars from across the globe to discuss and explore scientific idea that can be turned in to future innovation for the well being of planet earth. The HIES 2022 is open to diverse domain of science which includes biotechnology, bioinformatics, microbiology, nanoscience and material science etc.

Time to go for the event : 161d 12h 32m 13s