2nd International Convention on

Green Environment, Technology & Entrepreneurship through Innovation


March 03-05 (Thursday-Saturday), 2022 (Hybrid Format)

Conference on
Advances in Intelligent Applications and Innovative Approach
(AIAIA 2022)


Latest Updates: Manuscript Submission Till November 30, 2021

Call for Papers

Aim and Objective:

Adaptation and innovation are extremely important irrespective of any industrial area we talk about. It should propose certain sustainable solutions from the societal point of view which are plausible using emerging technologies. At the same time the focus should also be on the optimization of solutions from the economical point of view. Solutions having characteristics like sustainability and optimization requires a global perspective. Intelligent algorithms may provide the required platform and practical alternative techniques for tackling and solving a variety of challenging problems arising in the intelligent applications. Also, as per the research statistics available, intelligent algorithms are a potential candidate to achieve sustainability and optimization in terms of workable solution. Specially looking at the current time and the future scope, there seems to be a scope and need for novel and innovative algorithms to help the community to find sustainable and optimized solutions in industrial applications like healthcare, production, retail, education, telecommunication, public services, agriculture, automobile, aircraft, media, travel, construction, finance, etc. to name a few. Fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, particle swarm, ant colony optimization techniques, neural networks, etc. concepts can be implemented to design and develop new intelligent algorithms or improvise existing ones to address the many pressing issues of the above mentioned industrial application areas.
The objective of this conference is to provide a common platform to researchers, academicians, scientists and industrialists working in the area of intelligent algorithms and industrial applications to share and exchange their views and ideas on its theories, application areas, and various related multi disciplinary areas. The aim of this conference is to highlight the latest advances, problems and challenges and to present the latest research results in the field of intelligent applications and innovative approach with a link to scientific research and its practical implementation. This track especially encourages the young researchers at the beginning of their career to participate in the AIAIA conference and invite them to present their work on this platform.
It would also be beneficial in terms of Networking, since the stakeholders from 20+ countries are expected to arrive and exchange their thoughts, ideas, solutions on research carried out in the relevant areas. This would facilitate them to create new contacts to further uplift and fulfil any future research or collaborative requirements through better networking.

Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work. Topics of interest for submission include the following (but not limited):

Track 1: # Artificial Intelligence: Algorithms and Technique
Track 2: # Intelligence for Energy
Track 3: # Intelligence for Agriculture
Track 4: # Intelligence for Healthcare
Track 5: # Intelligence for Production
Track 6: # Intelligence for Retail
Track 7: # Intelligence for Education
Track 8: # Intelligence for Telecommunication
Track 9: # Intelligence for Public Services
Track 10: # Intelligence for Automobile
Track 11: # Intelligence for Aircraft
Track 12: # Intelligence for Media
Track 13: # Intelligence for Travel
Track 14: # Intelligence for Construction
Track 15: # Intelligence for Finance
Track 16: # Intelligence for Information and System Security in Industry
Track 17: # Smart Operation Management
Track 18: # Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Track 19: # Data, Communication, and Networks
Track 20: # Other Industrial Applications of Intelligence

Conference e-mail id : icgetei@jpr.amity.edu


All accepted papers fulfilling publisher requirements on quality will be published in the SCI Indexed / SCOPUS Indexed / UGC Approved Conference Proceedings. It is mandatory that at least one author registers for every paper that is included in the conference proceedings. Abstract Book will be delivered to participants during the conference.

Time to go for the event : 161d 12h 32m 13s